EMAIL ADDRESS POLICY 1. Each player shall have a valid email address, which should be checked for validation purposes from time to time. Each player shall maintain that email address, providing an updated address in the event that the address on file is no longer active. Players can expect to lose access to their characters temporarily while their email address of record is inactive, or inaccurate.

2. Each immortal shall also maintain an active email account, one which they shall receive relevant messages at. Because spam is an issue, it is recommended that the immortal's main email address is not listed. An immortal must maintain a valid email address to remain an immortal, or make arrangements with the Head Administrator of the Chapter

COMPORTMENT 3. Each player of Act of War shall maintain their characters (mortals and immortals) in good standing. Behavior that draws the attention of an immortal can be cause for disciplinary action upon a single character or a player, resulting in punishment upon a single character, more than one character, or all of a player's characters.

4. It is important to recognize that the game largely runs itself. When the attention of an immortal is needed to resolve a dispute or deal with a disciplinary measure, such events will be dealt with at the discretion of the immortal authorized to address the issue. At no time will a mandatory minimum or maximum penalty be assigned to any particular type or specific infraction or violation of the rules. Rather, each instance will be judged on its own merit.

5. Act of War is a game, and is based on stated, actual and inherent rules. AoW reserves the right to post, alter, change, and enforce its rules, and to make judgements in individual, case-by-case methods regarding rule infractions, violations and general character, player and/or game abuse.

6. The immortal staff is dynamic. There are several members of the staff, and each serve an appropriate, specific function, while also helping to maintain the game as a whole. Because of the administrative nature of a game that runs 24 hours a day, immortal staff must rely upon a code of conduct that does not allow for abuse or neglect.

7. As a general rule, the immortal staff does not disagree with each other. In the event of any dispute that would cause more than one immortal to be involved, the immortal initially handling the issue has precedence over the issue. In the event that any one issue involves more than one immortal, the Head Administrator and Head of Chapter 5 make the final decision.

8. WIZLIST is a current list of immortals and administrators, and their roles on AoW. Please direct your issue to the appropriate immortal for a resolution.

SPAM, NOTES, and ABUSE 9. Spam and abuse are simply not tolerated on AoW. The following are grounds for temporary or permanent freezing of characters or player accounts, purging of characters or player accounts, or a player siteban:

A. Deliberate transmission of global messages, personal messages, notes of any kind or any player communication designed to flood another person's note list buffer or game window. This means that writing a large number of notes to even just one other player will be grounds for discipline. Intent will be taken into account, but as a general rule, when some player action SEEMS spammy, this is the rule that applies to that situation.

B. Abuse is a general term that applies to the deliberate misuse of any aspect of the Act of War game. For example, misusing global channels or noting abilities can result in the temporary loss of those priveleges. Discovering a flaw or bug in the game, and using that bug or flaw repeatedly for either gain, someone else's loss, and/or especially to crash the mud will result in a severe level of punishment.

10. There shall be >NO< inter kingdom killing at this point in time. If you have a problem with someone, take it up with an immortal. Pardons will be handed out ONLY IN EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES. These include someone spam dying to another kingdom, so you stop him, or someone attacking/webbing everyone in your kingdom, so you kill him. Killing someone because "We're full" "We don't need assassins" "You're a noob/not part of our clan" are reasons for immediate freezing, and possibly purging, depending on the history of the perpetratory, and the idiocy of the actions.

ELASTIC CLAUSE OF AOW 11. Imaginary rules are rules like 'no gate-dragging'. AoW has consistently maintained that, while pathetic, these rules aren't actually rules, or enforceable. Other rules are real and unwritten, like 'no dragging town guards outside'. These were never written down, but remained consistently taboo, and punishable by various methods.

12. The immortal staff reserves the right to enforce rules not specifically stated in the written rules. The immortal staff also reserves the right to enact disciplinary measures WHEN NEEDED in regard to imaginary rules, so that future disputes do not arise because of them.

IMMORTAL POLICY 13. Players who have immortal characters are encouraged to maintain active mortal characters. That being said, it is therefore policy to keep mortal and immortal characters from logging on at the same time. It is not prohibited, but should be regarded as highly unusual. The automation of the game should prevent any situations where a player would require both on at the same time.

14. The game is designed specifically as a complete unit. There are no officially unfinished parts, and therefore the loading of equipment and mobs, and restoring players is prohibited.

Do you agree to abide by these rules?

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