Starting out, a window into the world of Uthrac must be aquired in order for you to interact with the environment there. We suggest you download one of these clients:

JMC: ZMud: GMud:

Once downloaded, in the connect to address put: (you may also use our ip directly The port you should connect to is: 4000

Click connect and the portal between your world and ours is complete.

The portal daemon, a mischievous entity who likes to pry apart the bindings between planes, will ask you a few questions when you first arrive, this so that he can give you the appropriate body to exist in our world. A typical conversation will go like this:

Do you want ansi color text? It is usually best to answer this question with a y or yes and hit the enter button. This is so you can see the bright world of Uthrac in all its beautiful shades of color.

What name will you take? This is so the daemon knows who is coming into our world, not so much to guard us from you, but just because he likes to know these things. Just tell him the name you are called by, or wish to be called by in your adventures in our lands. Please choose an appropriate name. Sometimes the gods like to rename travelers they meet who have funny names. Simply confirm when he asks you again... he is hard of hearing.

The portal daemon then asks you for the password. Its really a gimmick. There is no password save the one you tell him. He will remember that password, so you should too, lest the next time you try to come into our world he bars your way. Again, the hard of hearing daemon will seek confirmation by asking you twice!

As if you joined our world to read, the daemon will then start a long spill about RULES and regulations, commandments, etc. etc. etc. Just humor him by listening, and then tell him you AGREE (Make sure its in capital letters so he hears you the first time!) so that you can move along.

The daemon will also ask you for an address. This is so that should anything... unfortunate occur while you are in our world, he has a way to contact next of kin. He wants to know who@where.Com ing to his senses he will next ask you which kingdom you would like him to drop you in. He won't drop you, but it is important that you choose wisely, as this is where you will appear every time you join us. The kingdoms are:

1. Tier: A kingdom of nobles and knights. 2. Kael: A fort built in the wilderness, guarded by magnificent archers and rangers. 3. Undermountain: An evil kingdom who both Tier and Kael are at constant war with.

Tell him which kingdom, 1, 2, or 3 and you will be closer to ditching this impertinant imp.

Not only is our friend the portal daemon hard of hearing, he is also slightly blind. So you will have to describe to him the best you can on what you look like. He will then match you with a familiar looking body for our world. Feel free to ask the daemon for HELP on any of the races to know what their usual attributes are, and any characteristics that might be important, like an ogre being so big he moves slower than anyone else. Just a few things you might want to know before making your final decision.

Of some importance too is the daemon's question about your gender. You may be honest or not, but keep in mind men are typically stronger and tougher than women in Uthrac (as in most places I am sure), but women have slightly more intelligence and are more nimble. So based upon what profession you will choose to undertake, you may want to remember that. Tell the daemon if you are male or female.

Next, the daemon does not want you to be a leech on society, and asks you what profession you want to be in. There are several to choose from, and the list will be different according to which kingdom you chose. Before deciding it is a good idea to ask the daemon for HELP regarding each profession or class.

After you make your choice, the daemon slaps you accross the face, shakes your hand, and kicks you through a smokey glowing portal. Welcome to Act of War!

Enter WAR!!

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